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Mr. Bijal Bakhai and Mr. Amit Jasani have been associated with IPOs since 1989. has been launched for giving to clients and associates the experience of a pre-filled form and also educates on the nuances that are involved in making an investment in a IPOs .for eg. when to get aggressive, when to avoid a issue altogether, when to leverage, when not to, depending on your investment horizon and risk appetite..
We believe that over the last 15 years or so that we have been in the IPOs market, We have come across majority of the situations which play out in this market , from the super profitable issues to average ones and some outright disaster in the form of delisting wherein the investor typically loses his entire capital. We also believe that conditions in the IPO market have developed as in the past wherein the entire IPO cycle has begun and almost playing out the same way as has already happened before, the notable difference being that the players are different , the size is much larger and the stakes bigger. Finally,we hope to deliver the same kind of advice and service that we have been delivering in the past with regards to Nayaissue's.
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